How To Wash Socks?

How To Wash Socks

When answering the question of how to wash socks, it all boils down to the material composition of the sock itself. Every material is unique and requires different methods for washing and drying.

This sock washing guide is designed to walk you through the proper steps to launder your wool and cotton socks. Cashmere and silk socks should always be washed by hand if you want to ensure their longevity.

Step 1: Organize your socks

It is important that you keep each of your socks together as a pair. Often times socks will get lost with other clothing items. When they are washed with other items they are prone to accumulating lint. In order to keep your socks looking vibrant, you need to wash all your dress socks separately.

Step 2: Turn all socks inside-out 

Part of avoiding an accumulation of lint buildup on your socks is by washing your socks inside out. Doing this ensures your socks do not accumulate any form of lint and continue to look bright and colorful.

Step 3: Wash in cold water, gentle cycle, with light detergent

We suggest when washing your socks to put them in a gentle cycle with cold water and minimal detergent. Optionally, we also recommend allowing the socks to sit in cold water for 30 minutes to an hour before washing them.

Step 4: Turn right-side out

After the cycle has finished, remove all the socks and now turn them right-side out. We recommend you do this carefully and gently as to not stretch the socks in the process. 

Step 5: Hang Dry

Once all your socks are now turned back out into the proper orientation go ahead and find a spot to allow your socks to air dry. Sure the dryer would work more quickly and efficiently but, unfortunately, the high heat a dryer produces works at breaking down the elastics around the top band of the sock and also works to break down the cotton fibers.

Step 6: Fold and put away

We suggest keeping your socks in their own drawer or container. We would recommend you lay them on top of each other and fold your socks lengthwise when storing them, as folding them together at the top of the sock will stretch and ruin the elastic over time.

If you follow the steps in this guide you will be a master in no time! And just like that you've learned how to wash socks the proper way.

How To Wash White Socks

How To Wash Socks


White clothing over the life span of many washes has a tendency to become yellow or grey in color and lacks that brightness it once had. However, there are different things you can add to the water to help restore and preserve its original color.

This article will dive into how to wash white socks using different methods/chemicals.

Before washing white socks, there are a few things we need to cover:

  • Select the appropriate washing method depending on the materials of the socks.
  • Using soap and soaking before cleaning the socks will increase the likely hood of your items coming out of the washing machine looking pure white.
  • Never wash white garments together with colored items.
  • Always ensure you are using the proper detergent for your whites.

So now let’s dive into how do you wash white socks so that they don’t change color from white to grey/yellow? Here is every tool at your disposal to wash your white socks and keep them bright.

Dishwasher Detergent

If you decide to wash your white socks by hand, we recommend you use the normal amount of laundry detergent you would use regularly along with a tablespoon of dishwasher detergent. Soak the socks in the mixture and then wash them on a quick cycle in your washing machine. The benefit to this method is that it is quick and effective. Please note that you could possibly damage your socks if you aren't careful.

Tennis Balls

The benefit of using tennis balls is that it enhances the penetration of the cleaning formula into the socks due to the extra surface area of the tennis ball moving against the socks.

Baking Soda

Run the washing cycle for your white socks as usual but add roughly 150-200 ml of baking soda in with the water. When you go take out your socks they look bright and new.

Boric Acid

For this method, you will need to soak your dull whites in a mixture of boric acid and water. For every one liter of water use one tablespoon of boric acid. Soak the socks for several hours in the mixture. Once taken out of the mixture put the socks into a normal washing cycle and all the dirt should come off the sock.

Some of the tools listed need to be applied in a diluted form while others do not. We recommend you consult the packaging when determining the water temperature or knowing which liquid or powder cleaning agent is right for your clothing.

If one of the methods listed does not work try a different method of cleaning. If you have exhausted all options then there is a good chance your white socks may be at the end of its lifespan.

How To Hand Wash Socks

How To Wash Socks


First of all, if you’re planning to hand-wash socks, you should start by separating them out into bright whites, and colored socks.

Now let’s get into the steps of how to hand wash socks. 

Step 1. 

Clean the surrounding sink with an all purpose cleaner and rinse with warm water to ensure your workspace for the socks is clean.

Step 2.  

Fill the sink ⅔ of the way with warm water

Step 3.  

Add just under a tablespoon of liquid detergent to the warm water. If you are hand washing whites only, then feel free to also add some bleach to the water as well. Just remember to wear gloves if you are going to be adding bleach to the mixture.

Step 4.

Now comes the time to add the socks to the water. Ensure each pair is completely submerged with water. Let them soak for 1-2 hours depending on how dirty the socks are. Once time is up wring out the water from each sock.

Step 5.

After putting the wrung socks to the side empty the sink and refill it about halfway with warm water. Then add the socks back into the water to release any detergent that might still be lingering around.

Step 6.

Once you are sure all the detergent has been removed, drain the water one more time and wring out each pair until they are no longer wet.

Step 7. 

For optimal results, we suggest hanging up your socks and air-drying them or laying them on a towel to dry.

Step 8.

Once your hand-washed socks are dry place them back in the sock drawer they came from.

Conclusion: How To Wash Socks

How to wash socks

Now that you learned how to wash socks in various ways and under different circumstances be sure to apply these tips in real life in order to ensure your fun and colorful socks remain vibrant for years to come.



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