How To Fold Socks

How To Fold Socks?

When it comes to folding socks, there are just so many choices to choose from. However, if you're looking to get the most life out of your socks then we suggest you fold them in a few very specific ways. So without further adieu let's get into how to fold socks.

1. The Konmari Method Of Folding Socks

The KonMari Method is one of the best folding methods for dress socks. The Kon Mari method comes from the Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo. This method is great for keeping the top band of your sock tight.

  1. Place your socks together
  2. Fold into thirds.
  3. Place upright with the socks standing upright on their edge. This method is also a great way to easily see your socks and pick out the ones you like.

    2. The Roll And Tuck Method Of Folding Socks

    This is a great method if you are looking to save space. Perfect for anyone with smaller drawers or too much clothes!

    1. Place your socks together
    2. Start rolling from the bottom tightly to the top.
    3. Grab the outermost top band and fold it over the roll.

      3. The Single Fold Method Of Folding Socks

      This method is the easiest and most common method of folding your socks. This is great for children or a quick and simple way to stay organized.

      1. Place your socks together
      2. Grab the top band
      3. Fold it over so that the top band is sitting directly on top of the toes.

            4. The Fold And Tuck Method Of Folding Socks

            While it's a little bit more time consuming than the previous method this one is great if you are looking to stay organized as your sock is completely visible while also taking us less space.

            1. Place your socks directly on top of each other so that the heel is facing up towards you.
            2. Grab the toes and fold so they land right below the top band.
            3. Grab the top band and fold towards the bottom of the sock.
            4. Grab the bottom fold and tuck it into the outer facing top band.

                      How To Fold Socks To Save Space?

                      How to fold socks - Soctuary


                      If you are looking to save space then you definitely need to choose the right folding method. If you want to know which option is the best way to fold socks to save space then it would most likely have to be either the Roll and Tuck method, Konmari method, or Fold and Tuck mentioned above. Either of these ways will keep your sock drawer spacious, clean, and organized.

                      How To Organize Socks?

                      How to fold socks - Soctuary


                      If you utilize the above-mentioned rolling techniques then you can keep your socks brushed up side by side with plenty of space to spare. The organization is up to you, but we like to keep our socks organized by color. That way you can easily pick out a sock to match your outfit right before you head out. However, the options are limitless, you can organize them by length, style, material, type, or occasion as well. Find what works best for you and stick with it.

                      How To Fold Long Socks? 

                      How to fold socks - Soctuary


                      If you fancy longer pairs of socks then you might struggle to fold them and keep them organized. However, the great news is that any of the methods mentioned above will do just fine when it comes to long socks. In short, the best way to fold long socks is the same way you would fold any pair of socks. Just keep in mind that these pairs will take up more space which means you will have less room in your sock drawer.